Fraudulent Hiring

Fraudulent recruitment drives have been previously reported using QAFCO’s name and logo, and have been seen in various forms including: -

  1. Phone calls offering positions that have not been applied for.
  2. Fake advertisements overseas, either print or online, claiming to provide with bulk hiring opportunities.
  3. Fake social media accounts claiming the availability of job opportunities.
  4. Correspondence by a generic email address not ending with

Fake offers may largely be identified by certain characteristics, such as request for personal or financial information, payment of an “administrative or visa” fee, creating a sense of urgency in terms of accepting the offer, using an email domain other than, or a falsified letterhead created with poor use of grammar/spelling mistakes/doctored credentials.

For your protection, you should not respond to such hiring scams. In case you receive or suspect a fraudulent recruitment offer using QAFCO logo, please do not hesitate to contact us at or DM us on our official Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts (@qafcopr) to verify its authenticity.

QAFCO shall not bear any legal liabilities as a result of fraudulent hiring.