Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO) is committed to a strategy that attracts competent and motivated Qatari Nationals in its workforce. Apart from that, QAFCO also seeks to hire young Qatari Secondary School Certificate Students and Qatari talents through its professional development program for the existing Qatari employees.

QAFCO invites Qatari Nationals wishing to be considered to join the Company, to apply for its Technician Certificate Program (TCP), Diploma Programs and University Graduate Development Programs.


1. The Technician Certificate Program (TCP)

Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO) hire Nationals, who after obtaining the Secondary School Certificate would like to take up full time employment in QAFCO as process operators and Maintenance Technicians.

The Technician Certificate Program prepares Qataris to perform Technician jobs in the following area of specialty:

  • Process Plant Operation
  • Mechanical 
  • Electrical 
  • Instrumentation 

The eligibility criteria for a QAFCO sponsorship/ scholarship for Technician Program training and studies are provided below.

An Employee Trainee (or Company Pre-Service Trainee or QP Pre-Service Trainee as the case may be) with non-standard entry qualifications will be assessed individually on merit.

  • High School Certificate validated by Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
  • Meet applicable entry requirements for the program.
  •  Availability of demand: proposed or intended study must be in a discipline that meets QAFCO’s operational requirements.
  • Qatari National not older than 30 years old.
  • Pass interview.
  • Pass QAFCO directed medical test.
  • Successful finalization of company and government recruitment clearances.
  • Meet any other criteria or condition set by QAFCO from time to time.

2. Diploma Programs (DP)

Diploma studies prepare Qatari Nationals for employee different level staff positions, in disciplines that meet QAFCO’s operational requirements. Diploma studies are also utilized as a bridge towards securing a University Undergraduate Offer. 

The eligibility criteria for a QAFCO sponsorship/ scholarship for diploma studies are provided below.

  • Qatari National not older than 25 years old.
  • Proposed diploma study must be in a discipline that meets QAFCO’s operational requirements.
  • Targeted position for applicant identified by Human Resources Department, and/or the potential QAFCO receiving department.
  • Approval subject to obtaining a written confirmation of the diploma study plan acceptable to QAFCO. A study plan that includes a “foundation program” for English and foundation mathematics courses (and other required preparatory courses) will be considered if leading to unconditional acceptance and progression to the intended college diploma program. This foundation program will either be an integral part of the diploma or a dual program approved by the College.  
  • Meet any other criteria or condition set by QAFCO from time to time.


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QAFCO’s Graduate Development Program prepares Qataris for positions within the company in disciplines that meet QAFCO’s operational requirements, as determined from time to time.

Our Program mentors and supervisors (assisted by training coordinators and coaches as applicable) apply three principles when planning and structuring a fresh graduate’s development program:
Programs are competency based - the planning, execution and monitoring focuses exclusively on the competencies to be developed to excel in a targeted position.
Programs incorporate the largest possible variety of work activities that facilitate suitable development of a graduate. The object of having a variety of work is to broaden the experience of the graduate and to ensure that all aspects of competency are developed and ultimately assessed. Variety is obtained in different ways, singly or in combination.
Programs are structured to ensure measurable progression of work responsibilities - increasing responsibility and accountability within the organization are imposed on and needs to be accepted by the graduate during the development program, until a graduate is capable of accepting responsibility in making and executing work and decisions at the full professional / functional level of the targeted position.


Applying is easy - all you need to do is email the following to us at:

  • A copy of your ID 
  • A copy of your Degree and full transcript
  • A complete Resume / Curriculum Vitae (CV)

 DISCLAIMER – Applicants who apply for admission to QAFCO’s Graduate Development Programs must note that an offer (if any) is based solely on QAFCO’s business needs and at its own discretion. By submitting an application does not create a right to be admitted to such programs. QAFCO has no duty or obligation to offer admission to an applicant when receiving an application for such a program.