Published On: Sun, 4 Jun 2017

QAFCO welcomed the holy month of Ramadan by organising 'Layali Al Khair' in coordination with Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammad Al Thani Charitable Foundation (Eid Charity) here at QAFCO’s Al-Banush Club, Mesaieed.

'Layali Al Khair' started with a brief opening ceremony on the evening of Thursday, 6th Ramadan. The opening ceremony of 'Layali Al Khair' was held in the presence of QAFCO senior management; the officials from Eid Charity, and general public. The event was also attended by a number of people.

Maryam Mattar, Public Relations & Communications Manager at QAFCO, said: “The company takes such religious events as an opportunity to organise activities with the aim of increasing the spirit of solidarity and brotherhood among people.”

She further added, “Various lectures have been organised during the programme to spread awareness on the virtues of the holy month. Apart from that, we have also ensured many educational and cultural programmes targeting children to help instil the values embedded with the holy month.”

Mattar added: "The QAFCO Ramadan programme has come under the context of the company's sense of its social responsibility and in harmony with the spirit of the holy month which aims to spread the values of compassion among all society members.”

Mattar said: “Through such events we can enhance the spirit of bonding and further reinforce the relationships between community members.”

'Layali Al Khair' is scheduled to be held every Thursday and Friday evening,till the 28th day of the holy month of Ramadan in Al Banush Club Mesaieed.

The activities during the event will include a variety of religious, educational and cultural programmes as well as a competition on the Holy Quran. The winners of the Holy Quran competition will be announced on the last evening of the Layali Al Khair. Apart from that, the participants will pray “Al Taraweeh prayers” all through the six evenings of the programme with Sheikh Ahmed Taman from Egypt. The programme will conclude with understanding the definition of Islam in different languages.

In addition to the religious and cultural competitions and programmes, there will be many other fun activities, games and competitions for children, and collections of prizes and gifts from Qafco to the general public.

In addition to Al Banush Club Restaurant, three well-known restaurants and cafes in Qatar will participate in the Layali Al Khair activities by opening outlets for food and beverages.

It is worth to mention that QAFCO's events, celebrations of religious, national and sports events are not limited to the participation of its employees, but extended to the general public.