Published On: Thu, 2 Apr 2015

  QAFCO Flower and vegetable show 2015 winnersMesaieed: H.E. Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy & Industry, opened the 28th edition of QAFCO Flower and vegetable show in Mesaieed on Friday, 27th March. Mr. Khalifa A Al-Sowaidi, QAFCO Vice-chairman and CEO, Dr. Hamed Al-Marwani, QAFCO Chief Administration Officer and Chairman of the Show Organising Committee, QAFCO Chief officers, department managers and a number of dignitaries and invitees accompanied the minister.

 The event was conducted at the Al-Banush Club, Mesaieed. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Khalifa A. Al-Sowaidi, QAFCO Vice-chairman and CEO said, “QAFCO flower and vegetable show is an attempt to showcase our commitment to the cause of the environment. The event is an example of the community and industry cooperating to forward a cause that is important to all of us – the environment we live in. We are duty bound to hand over to the next generation a world at least similar to what we live in if not better.” He further added, “In the twenty seven years of its existence, the QAFCO Flower and Vegetable show has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of number of people that visit. I hope this year too, the event continues to enthuse people from far and wide of Qatar.” Dr. Hamed Al-Marwani, QAFCO Chief Administration Officer, said, “At QAFCO, we devote special attention to community engagement through various activities that range from sports to cultural events. The QAFCO Flower and Vegetable Show event is of immense importance as the event showcases our spirit of industry and community engagement. The event encourages strengthening of social bonds between all company employees and their families beyond the formal work context.” 

This year’s show exceeded last year’s in terms of the number of participants, attracting over 450 competitors, including amateurs, professionals, hotels and schools. Some 5000 exhibits were on display during the show, comprising 140 classes and occupying a space of 4,000 square meters with the additional of a exclusive tents for Environment and Live competition stalls. A record of 17500 people visited the show over the two days.  Another highlight of the show was the live competitions in various categories.  The Show was conducted in the Al-banush Club football play ground, where the exhibits were displayed based on different categories ranging from single flowers to huge potted plants. Besides the exhibits an area was exclusively kept for QAFCO’s Environment section, which displayed QAFCO’s various activities in the field of environment. Due to popular demand the show days had been extended by two days. The QAFCO Flower & Vegetable Show 2015 took place on Friday 27th March 2015 and Saturday 28th March 2015 at AI-Banush Club, Mesaieed. As part of this, the there were some changes on the format of the show. One of the most popular events the live competitions in vegetable carving for professionals and ice carving for professionals took place on Friday, 27th March, 2015. The live competitions in Live Flower arrangement for amateur (ladies) and Live Flower arrangement for professionals took place on Saturday, 28th March, 2015 The Show competitions included: Vegetable & Fruit Carving, Ice & Butter Carving competitions, for Professionals/Hotels. Various types of Flower arrangements competitions for Nurseries/Flower shops/ Professionals. More than 90 categories in the competition in Flowers, Vegetables, Fruits, Pot Plants, arrangements, Vegetable/Fruit carving, Butter Carving etc., for General Public, allowing contestants from all levels to take part. Special Category for Schools: School pupils and students participated in the competitions for various categories in junior and senior levels.  The Show gives the pupils an opportunity to show their skills to the public and also develop their artistic talents by portraying arrangements which depict nature and environment. The exhibits were impressively beautiful, combining rich colour with refined taste and revealing an innovative approach in the artist’s interaction with the surrounding environment. In addition to various flower and vegetable arrangements, the show featured stunning carvings of butter and flour paste. The highlights of the event were the ice carving, vegetable carving and flower arrangement live competitions. These competition were performed live in front of the public, who watched the huge masses of ice and water melons and pumpkins, as the graceful and sometimes violent strokes of the artists’ chisels turned them into eye catching sculptures of fish, falcons and swans. Professional participants from Doha’s major hotels and clubs and amateurs took part in the contest. Dr. Hamed A Al Marwani, Chief Administration Officer, QAFCO gave away the prizes to the winners. 


Flower of the day: Anitha Jomon
Talent of the day: QAFCO Primary School
Queen of the show amateurs:  Simi PaulQueen of the show professional: Damac
Overall Winner of the show (Amateurs): Anitha Jomon
Overall winner of the show professional nurseries: The Garden Centre
Overall winner of the show professional carving: Mercury Grand Hotel
Winners of Live competitionsVegetable carving: Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel
Ice Carving: Gardenia Flowers
Flower Arrangement – Ladies (Amateurs): Wvonne
Flower Arrangement – Professionals: Damac.