Published On: Sun, 30 Nov 2014

Safety belt campaign Mesaieed: Qafco in association with Mesaieed industrial city conducted a Safe driving campaign that focused during November on increasing awareness on the use of seat belt.

 Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Khalifa A Al Sowaidi QAFCO CEO, said, “Road crashes have an enormous health and economic impact on victims, and their families. Road crashes also have a significant impact on local communities and society as a whole through the cost to fix the road infrastructure, lost output, traffic delays as well as the demand on police and medical resources. Here, it is important that organizations like ours help the administration in spreading awareness among the people.”

 Hamed Ahmed Al-Marwani, QAFCO Chief Administration Officer, said, “ With a significant rise in Qatar’s population, road safety becomes very important . As part of our corporate social responsibility, we take this opportunity to spread awareness on safe driving amongst the community. Through, this campaign we aim to remind our employees, their families and our contractors on how to be safe on the roads. “

 Mr. Mohammad Al-Eshaq, QAFCO’s SEQ Manager said, “The law in Qatar requires front seat occupants to wear a seatbelt. but as per a recent National Road Safety Strategy report, front Seat occupants (drivers and front seat passengers) are estimated to have a seatbelt wearing rate of around 50%. This has to be addressed on an immediate basis. Through this campaign, we will try to spread knowledge and awareness of the benefits of seatbelt and child restraints.”

As part of the campaign, QAFCO had planned a series of activities in cooperation with Mesaieed Industrial City. Campaign is extended to Industrial Cities (Mesaieed and Ras Laffan), Hospitals, Universities.

  “The attempt here is to deliver education and awareness campaigns targeted at high risk road user group, is to address specific behavioral issues, where that is important that campaigns appeal to road users and messages are translated into behavioral change.” Mr. Al Eshaq further added.

 QAFCO’s commitment to serve the community it operates in, is amply demonstrated through various platforms. QAFCO's safety awareness programs spreads beyond the boundaries of QAFCO to reach the immediate community. QAFCO utilises various platforms to showcase industry safety information and demonstrates to the visitors the application of safety techniques in day to day. The current campaign is one such. Road accidents in Qatar are considered to be a dominant challenge and QAFCO tries to mitigate it by providing a driving awareness campaign to remind our employees of the significance of defensive driving, not only for when they commute to work but also for personal travel. These exercises have helped in growing the safety awareness among the public and helped in developing a well informed community. QAFCO's safety campaigns are one of the most effective means to increase safety awareness. Improvement in our safety performance is the result of the dedication of our employees and the success of such campaign focused on defensive driving, all QAFCO employees at present are certified in defensive driving.

 Apart from this, QAFCO employee’s families are given awareness demonstration on home safety, kitchen safety and use of first-aid fire extinguishers. Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) awareness programs for employees is a priority at QAFCO. We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our people, with risk-based safety and health programs across the business in place to prevent workplace injuries.

Even after achieving impressive safety performance, safety awareness among our employees and contractors remains our focus. The culturally diverse background, despite the obvious strengths it brings to the company, creates the challenge of impressing the importance of some safety aspects either from language or cultural perspective. Our priority, therefore, is to ensure high safety standards by instilling a common perception of safety risks among employees through safety awareness campaigns and mandatory contractor training before commencement of any work. Last year, QAFCO initiated development of two films about safety measures that are being implemented by QAFCO. The films will be translated into six different languages to address broader audience. QAFCO also has a well established and maintained documented procedure that aims at registering for identified occupational hazards, risk assessment and risk control.