Published On: Tue, 24 Sep 2013

Dubai, UAE.


QAFCO participated in the 4th Annual GPCA fertiliser convention held in Dubai, from 22nd to 24th September, 2013.  The Convention is an international gathering with presenters covering fertiliser outlook for key markets such as India, Africa, China and South America. The convention attracted delegates from around the world.

Mr. Khalifa Al Sowaidi, QAFCO CEO and vice-Chairman, in his opening remarks at the fertiliser convention, said, “There is a focus on the fertiliser manufacturers to intensify the efforts to sustain-ably support the global food demand.” He emphasized that the current global economic context was a good time to focus on strengthening strategic coalition and cooperation in the Gulf to face the global fertiliser industry challenges. “The strategic coalition and cooperation will enable business to gain competitive advantages in front of other competitors and will enable us to grow and expand more quickly, strongly and efficiently in all fronts of the industry.” He further added. 

Talking about the convention, Mr. Al-Sowaidi, said, “The 4th edition of the annual convention will help to cement GCC position in the global fertiliser industry with an intensive program of market analysis and thought leadership.”

Placing the convention in context, Mr. Al-Sowaidi said, “GCC producers, with their natural gas, sulphur and phosphate feed stock advantage, are establishing the Gulf region as a global hub for nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers production. And in this, the Gulf Petrochemical and Chemicals Association (GPCA) have been helping the Gulf fertiliser industry to meet the challenges and explore growth opportunities in the dynamic global and regional market conditions.”

He further said that through this convention being organized by GPCA, the global players can discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities, in this changing global and regional market conditions.

The convention program has been developed specifically to help the global fertilizer industry meet challenges and explore growth opportunities amidst rapidly changing global and regional market conditions. The convention has its panelists from a very broad band of the industry which includes presenters and facilitators from more than 10 countries, including: USA, Brazil, South Africa, India, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, China and Kuwait. The program includes keynote presentations from international organizations such as the International Fertilizer Association and the International Energy Agency.

QAFCO Sponsors Qatari students to the GPCA convention

Qafco CEO with students at the conference

Meanwhile, QAFCO used the convention to expose Qatari students from different universities in Qatar to the fertiliser industry. The students got a firsthand knowledge about the industry from the stalwarts of the fertiliser industry.

About twenty students representing different Qatari universities were sponsored by QAFCO to attend the convention. Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Al-Sowaidi said, “We wanted to initiate young leaders from our universities into the workings of the industry and thereby attract them to join hands with us to take the industry forward. He further added that the initiative was part of  QAFCO’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ahmad Ali Al-Kuwari from Texas A&M university sharing his experience at the convention said, “This convention has showed me that big companies meet together and work together to find solutions to the problems they are having. Also, the convention discussed how to optimize the methods of producing fertilizers in different types. This was really interesting and informative. I would like to thank the CEO of QAFCO Mr. Khalifa Al-Sowaidi for this great experience,” said

Ali Al-Emadi, also from Texas A&M University described his experience at the convention as extraordinary. He further said, “Learning about fertilizers and how those industries are dealing with its effect on the environment was the part I found really crucial. The convention not only discussed the modifications they are making on the production of the fertilizers, but also how to deal with this huge amount of fertilizers they are producing.”

Moiz Bohra also from Texas A&M University described the convention as a great chance to learn about the fertilizer industry. He said, “The topics discussed included broad areas like carbon capture, regional markets, process optimization and environmental management were very informative. I would like to thank Mr. Khalifa Al-Sowaidi, CEO of QAFCO, for providing us this opportunity.”

“Listening to Ms. Charlotte Hebebrand, Director General of International Fertiliser Association (IFA) was a great learning experience for me.” says Fatima Ali Ashkanani from Qatar University. Invoking Ms. Hebebrand’s speech, she emphasized on the importance of quality over quantity to meet the challenges of food security.

Meanwhile, Ms Rowda Ahmed Hashim also from Qatar University,  said that attending the convention was an enriching experience for her and her peers. Speaking further she said, “The opportunity to attend such a gathering helps to clarify the region’s position in the global industrial landscape.”


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