Published On: Wed, 1 May 2013

Doha: Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO) will supply about 13000 ton of aqueous ammonia annually to Mesaieed Power Company Limited (MPCL)for 24 years as per the agreement signed between the two companies. Qafco's CEO and Vice Chairman Mr. Khalifa Abdullah Al-Sowaidi and Mr. Mohammed Al-Harami, MPCL's Finance and Administration Director signed the agreement at QAFCO's Doha office today. Senior executives from both companies were present on the occasion.

The aqueous ammonia solution will be used in the power generators at the Mesaieed Power Plant.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Khalifa Al-Sowaidi said, "Aqueous ammonia's role as a highly effective agent in reducing Nox emissions is well known, establishment of this facility at QAFCO complements our strong commitment towards protecting our environment." Speaking on the agreement, Mr. Al-Sowaidi said, "Qafco intends to supply aqueous ammonia to various companies and gas-operated industrial plants in Qatar to utilize it as an agent to reduce Nox emissions and help comply with the Qatari environmental regulations."

In a statement on the occasion, MPCL's Finance & Administration Director, Mr. Mohammed Al-Harami said that MPCL is committed to environmental standards and to maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of the environment as part of the company's vision and mission. He further confirmed the keenness of MPCL to support all national efforts and initiatives aimed at producing clean energy for sustainable development in Qatar. Finally, Mr. Al-Harami thanked all team members in MPCL for their efforts, which led to finalizing the agreement in a work atmosphere of understanding and keenness to benefit from the use of aqueous ammonia.