QAFCO's safety campaigns are one of the most effective means to increase safety awareness. Our heat stress campaigns during extreme summers, for instance, go a long way in improving awareness among employees and contractors alike.These campaigns helped to educate employees on heat stress prevention and the first aid measures to be taken in case of heat exhaustion, like taking the person to a cool area, fanning and providing cool electrolyte drinks (depending upon the patient’s condition) etc. During Heat Stress Prevention Campaign, bilingual heat stress prevention leaflets (depicting the heat stress indices / urine colour, which advise the workers to identify heat stress symptoms in the early stage and address them immediately) were distributed along with soft drinks, to employees, contractors and visitors. The campaign was marked with display of heat stress related flags and banners in and around QAFCO premises.

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) awareness programs for employees.

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) awareness programs for employees is a priority at QAFCO. Annual safety workshops organised for employees on a variety of safety related issues assist in furthering the cause of safety. In 2011 a workshop on “Root cause analysis (RCA)” technique was conducted to improve the quality of incident investigations and thereby help in the prevention of a carried out and thus help in avoiding a repetition of a similar incident. The workshop also delved into the importance of probing near misses especially those that have the potential for heavy consequence. The workshop demonstrated many methods to carry out Root Cause Analysis (RCA) using the widely acclaimed "5 Why Techniques and fish bone method". The workshop was highly successful as it attracted a large number of participants including the top management. The organisation has largely benefited from such exercise where OH&S information is percolated widely and with consensus.

Community safety awareness programs

QAFCO's safety awareness program spreads beyond the boundaries of QAFCO to reach the immediate community. Our commitment to serve the community we operate in, is amply demonstrated during the widely popular QAFCO flower and vegetable show. Through this event, QAFCO takes the opportunity to showcase industry safety information and demonstrates to the visitors the application of safety techniques in day to day life. Moreover the employee’s families are given awareness demonstration on home safety, kitchen safety and use of first-aid fire extinguishers. These exercises have helped in growing the safety awareness among the public and helped in developing a well informed community.