UFC-85 is a viscous liquid containing 60% formaldehyde, 25% urea and balance water. Formaldehyde is first produced by the reaction of Methanol with Air. This is then absorbed in urea solution to form UFC-85.

Urea Formaldehyde Condensate (UFC-85) is an additive, which is added to the urea product to improve its strength. UFC-85 is used as an anticaking agent for the urea. Around 80% of the UFC-85 product is consumed internally, in all the urea plants of QAFCO and the remaining product is exported via trucks to the neighbouring countries.

Product Specification UFC:85

Formaldehyde Concentrate : 60 ± 0.5 % by Weight

Urea 25: ± 0.5 % by Weight

F / U Molar Ratio : 4.8 ± 0.2

Methanol Content : 0.21 % by Weight,

Max. Formic Acid Content : 0.005 % by Weight, Max.


 Technical Sheet