Ammonia is a chemical compound made of Nitrogen 82% and Hydrogen 18%. It is produced using Natural gas as the main feedstock. The other feeds required are Steam and Air. These feed materials undergo a series of reactions in the ammonia plant, before ammonia is produced in gaseous form. This is turned into liquid under pressure and cooling down. Ammonia is stored at a temperature of minus 33 deg centigrade in a, specially refrigerated ammonia storage tank. A major part of the ammonia produced in QAFCO Ammonia plants is consumed internally, as feedstock for the Urea plants. The surplus ammonia is exported through ships.

QAFCO Ammonia product specifications

Fully Refrigerated Anhydrous Ammonia (Fertilizer Grade)

Ammonia : 99.5% By Wt Min
Nitrogen : 81.9% By Wt Min
Moisture : 0.5% By Wt Max
Oil Content : 10 PPM Max
Impurities : Negligible
Temperature : Minus 33 degrees Celsius or below

Material Safety Data Sheet 

 Technical Data