Qatar Fertiliser Company’s (QAFCO) Human Resources Department is aggressively pursuing to be the leading player in the areas recruitment and development of employees.

It is our endeavor to tap the full potential of our people by transforming into a performance driven organization that attracts the best talent, nurtures the work force and align its strategies to be in line with the organizational vision and objectives.

QAFCO Work Culture & Environment
With more than 1,700 employees from 37 Nationalities and a commitment to ethical work environment and long standing personal development, QAFCO is one of the respected companies in Qatar with a history of more than 40 years.

It is a recognized leader in promoting opportunities for Qatari Nationals. QAFCO’s training programs are well recognized and effectively prepared to develop new recruits to takeover responsible positions in Operations, Maintenance and Administration functions.

Wellness & Well - Being
QAFCO relies on the health and well being of its employees. Needless to say that QAFCO’s success is due to the healthy manpower in place for the last 4 decades. As part of occupational health and safety elements of QAFCO, Medical section has an important role by focusing on promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of all employees.

Managed by an experienced Occupational Health Doctor, three Occupational Health Nurses, and a Secretary, we provide employees with preventive and curative health services, such as medical surveillance, vaccinations, illness/ injury treatment, health promotion and first aid training within the company.
In medical surveillance we assess all workers for exposure to workplace hazards, and perform monitoring of general health status. Screening is also provided for specific purposes such as:

• Pre - employment
• Job transfers
• Return to work after long illness or significant injury

In addition to medical service provided at the workplace, QAFCO has also provided employees and their family with a Health insurance which covers both private and public medical services locally and abroad through the provisions of an insurance scheme.

Benefits & Facilitation
In addition to competitive interest free Basic Salary, QAFCO is committed to provide the best facilities and benefits to its employees and their families. Our benefits and facilities are in accordance with QAFCO's personnel policies and procedures.

Long Service Award
QAFCO is proud to reward its long term dedicated employees. This reflects the job security, career progression and professional work environment.

Training & Development
QAFCO is committed to the continuous growth and development of all employees. Hence, QAFCO strives to create and maintain a learning environment. Employees are given opportunities to enhance, their competencies to achieve the organizational objectives and develop themselves.

QAFCO organizes training courses both internal and external to all employees at various stages in their career paths. Though there is a special focus with regard to the development of Qatari Nationals, other employees are also encouraged to participate in the training programs.